Miserly Marketing - for Churches

The Gospel is news.  Good news.  And it needs telling.  That’s (part of) your job.

Today the Internet plays a big part in all our lives - and it should be part of how you:

  • Keep in touch with your congregation
  • Reach out to your community
  • Engage in mission

Church websites are often either bad, sad or yesterday’s fad.  Fresh, vital, engaging, useful - these are some of the words you almost never hear about the church website. 

At miserly.co.uk we specialise in building websites that work.  Our bread and butter is solving one problem for businesses: how to generate response on the web.  The approach we use works just as well for churches.  (OK.  It probably works better.  Based on how terrible the usual church site is.  However well-intentioned.  Sorry!)

Please visit our main site now and if you are interested, just complete the response form.  Our pricing is extremely competitive (so we can’t offer you a discount, sorry!).  And we provide churches at no extra cost a bonus email setup service (up to 20 mail boxes and/or forwarding addresses sending mail to your regular email account) plus a  minister’s blog so easy to update that it will get used!

By the way, one of our touchstone principles is “no lock-in”.  We can manage the site for you for a [connect]small fee appropriate to the level of work (as a guide, £2.50 a week will cover the routine management of a typical church site).  Or you can manage it yourselves. Or you can look after the site day-to-day and we can freshen up the site every few months for you.  It really is up to you.

No technical wizardry is required: we deliver sites developed using on-line tools that can be accessed from anywhere by anyone, with minimal expertise.  If you can log in to an on-line service such as Google, you have mastered the most difficult skill required.

So, for instance, updating the service schedule or news sections will take 5-10 minutes.  Far less time than is typical for your own printed newsletter.  (We can even help you put that online too, if you like!).

A fresh look.  An affordable, fixed price.  Genuine understanding with and sympathy for the specific needs of local churches.  Helping you to connect world, word and web.

We should be talking.